Winding down an incredible summer of music with a sleek house mix that gets the gears grinding up for the Autumn night scene, Nottingham boy Soampa shows The Soundhound what he’s got:

Soampa here everyone, I’ve been a big fan of TheSoundHound and have really enjoyed making this mix. There’s a variety of different types of house music so a little bit for everyone… ranging from some heavy hitters from some of Black Butter’s finest right through to some great remixes of more tropical tracks like Ben Pearce’s remix of COOL by Le Youth. And of course it wouldn’t be a decent guest mix without paying tribute to TheSoundHound by including one recent track which I absolutely love by Amtrac that I came across on this blog. Enjoy people!

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Infamously adept at turning his hand at anything, we ought to have guessed that with the recent revival of funk and soul Skream was planning on taking over the disco. Giving an authenticity of the early 80s with a reminiscent scent of old Jamiroquai ‘acid jazz’, Rollercoaster is unashamedly loud and colourful. Capitalising on vocal reverbs, electric guitar and those innocent synth loops that make you feel like you ought to locate some neon leggings and backcomb your hair, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped back in time. An infectiously happy sound that the radio has been waiting for, Skream’s lead is surely a sign of good things to come in the music world

Crawling out of the woodwork with this rather amazing bootleg of Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe, Jerk Boy makes his presence known with a chilled out house take on the original that is cool as a cucumber. Putting an echoey blanket on the vocals and layering it with strings, synths and a minimalist lounge beat, it makes us wonder why we haven’t come across this little gem sooner. Boasting a healthy backlog of tracks over 2013 and clearly lots of talent, Jerk Boy is seemingly one to keep an eye on.

Former jazz trombonist Figgy stays true to his soulful roots with a remix of Warm Water that is sending shivers down our spines. Working with the luscious vocals of BANKS, he injects new life into this down tempo track for a seductive house sound with a distinct retro vibe to it. The sort of song you put on after a long day and instantly makes you feel better about life, it has an irresistible warmth that is just so easy on the ears.

Some of you might remember this scatty sound from Annie Mac’s Free Music Monday last month. Busting with attitude, this bombastic beat was just asking for a trappish rework from the likes of Jikay, Nottingham DJ and producer who has been having a heavy year after setting up his own label, Hot Damn Records. Crunking up the tempo and regulating it with the classic kick drum and hi-hat combination, he takes Dum De Dum to town for a remix that has really got us twerkin. Available for free download, listen out for this one on Twerk Tape 2 when it drops today.

After the ridiculously fresh remix that Applebottom brought us, you’d think that producers wouldn’t be able to touch this classic without failing to meet the competition. Signal Friend Within; not afraid to put his own stamp on a sound, he grinds things down a few gears for a deeper version of the original that lays down a heavy bassline. Keeping it plump and bouncy yet giving it a dirty twist, it delivers the underground vibe to Renegade Master that Friend Within does so so well. Available on Method Records, this one will slot perfectly into his sets for the autumn night scene.

The Soundhound’s first guest mix, introducing house duo BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL. Two lovely ladies from Tel Aviv and Amsterdam, Tahnee and Karin came together last year at a dance event and have been working on their sound ever since. New to the scene but already honing a sophisticated sound, they’re hoping to release some of their own material in the near future. Thirty minutes of funk, their guest mix features some big summer house tunes and some fresh edits that bounce right off each other for incredibly easy listening. Drawing us in with the Bodhi remix of Angels, they take us gradually deeper with some underground sounds that showcases their versatility. To listen to more of BLACK GIRL/WHITE GIRL’s sets, visit their page at

After riding the waves of success with his irresistible So Good To Me, there was undoubtedly a lot of pressure on the next move for Chris Malinchak. Indulging in a delectably down tempo pace that lingers on every beat with rich, textured chords, he brings us another incredibly sexy house sound that is distinctly Malinchak. Lightening the love-struck vocals with rising synths that bubble up like water coming to the surface, So Into You strikes the balance of emotion perfectly for a sophisticated sequel to So Good To Me that is surely going to melt hearts.

Capturing that classic jazz lounge ambience of lazy afternoons sipping cocktails as dusk begins to descend and warm bodies filter in, Coiled Corner is an ultimate chillout sound that simply wraps you up in its loveliness. With an endearing shyness to the vocals of Bijou complimenting the confidently confused instrumentals of Feverkin, you can almost hear the ice clinking into glasses and the faint murmur of voices over the music. A refreshing cool sound to help you wind down in time for the bank holiday weekend.

At first glance, a Friend Within remix of a Bondax track might not seem to fit; renowned for some big releases on the underground scene this year, the chilled out vibe of Bondax isn’t quite his bag. But he has and it does. Taking up the tempo of Giving It All for a vibe that sounds nostalgically like numerous 90s dance anthems whilst still distinctly unique, Friend Within lays down a simple loop on the keys that jazzes it right up. Understated yet stylish, it’s a brilliant remix of the original that puts it in an altogether new light.

Whether you’re chilling at the beach, crashing a pool party, hosting a BBQ or simply sat on your todd in the garden, Long Hot Nights is a summer anthem that just screams YES. Hot off the press from Nine Lives a.k.a Nick Shaw, it has that versatile feel-good sound that works for any occasion and loosens things right up. Throwing hints of house, disco and R’n’B into the mix, this fresh funky groove is a medicine for those Blue Monday victims who need some summer lovin in their lives. Available today exclusively from Beatport.

A world exclusive on the Skream & Benga show this weekend, the latest from the MadTech crew - this time from Celsius. Having gathered support throughout the year from the likes of Skream, Pete Tong and Annie Mac, Celsuis is fast making a name for himself as a producer that breaks the mould with his edgy garage-cum-house sound that skillfully brings the underground scene to the surface. Incoming plays on orchestral chords, shaky synths and a jittery bassline to bring us a raw sound that sets the bar for both genres. Out on the 23rd of September, this one’s surely going to be rinsed on the autumn night scene.

Some songs just suck you in to a place where time seems to stand still and  your thoughts find a newfound clarity. An ambient post-dubstep track that lingers hauntingly on each broken beat, Tree of Us is a pensive collaboration between US artists O & BARADA that does just that. Sending waves of metallic chords through an ocean of sound, Zefora’s vocals are the ghostly calls of the mermaid that draws us back to the surface. This is a deep chillout vibe so beware getting lost in it.

The Blonde boys have had a stormer since they formed less than a year ago, using their past experience with Eton Messy and Thieves to put together some big house tunes. So, as a thank you for reaching 10,000 likes on Facebook they’ve released a sweet bootleg of Shakedown - At Night. A classic noughties anthem that never wears thin, Blonde have accessorised it with their own house vibe to give it a fresh bounce that’s got us rediscovering our love for this tune all over again. Available for free download, it seems we ought to be the ones saying thank you.